Why Canoeing and Roulette Are Two Things I Really Love

When it comes to hobbies, there are two things that I absolutely love to do and that is canoeing and playing roulette. I have been canoeing since I was a little kid and I first started playing roulette when I was 18 and I have been hooked ever since. Below I will explain why I love both.

Why I Love Canoeing

In my humble opinion, there are very few outdoor activities out there that can top canoeing, even in the winter when leaving the house seems like some type of torture, let alone getting into something that is floating on top of freezing cold water. But before you dismiss me as some sort of weirdo and start heading towards the back button, please hear me out as to why I like it so much. You never know, you might just change your mind (if you are not already an avid canoeist) and start thinking about taking up canoeing yourself.

It is a Fantastic Form of Exercise

Being able to use a canoe properly requires an awful lot of body strength. Whenever you are canoeing, even if you have just started out, you can feel yourself getting stronger and stronger. When you are feeling good about your body, you will feel better about your life.

You Can Get Closer to Nature

When you are paddling along a serene river, you become part of the nature. In fact, when you are canoeing it is one of the rare occasions where you can get close to any wildlife before they hear or see you. There is nothing better than sitting there on your canoe and seeing fantastic animals that many people rarely see.

Each Canoeing Experience is Completely Unique

Even if you always visit the same river, you never really know what to expect. For example, you can never tell before hand what wildlife you will come across. To add to this, we all know how the weather can change in an instant. One moment you could be canoeing in perfect sunshine and then the next moment in driving rain. This unpredictability is something that I really love about canoeing. If this post persuades you to take up canoeing, then I highly recommend that you carry on canoeing throughout the different seasons. You will be amazed at how different an area will be in winter when compared to what it is in summer.

It Helps me to Feel Free

Like a lot of people, I often struggle with mental health issues. However, when I am out on the water my anxiety levels decrease dramatically. I live a busy life during the week, so it is always nice to get away from it all at the weekend and become one with nature. In my opinion, we all need a break from city life every now and then.

I Like to Believe That I Am Able to Make a Difference

Wherever you go nowadays you will find rubbish lying about. This is something that really annoys me, which is why I always spend some time picking up rubbish when I am out canoeing. I always feel satisfied when I bring a bag of plastic home for recycling. I know it is not much, but I like to feel like I am making some sort of difference.

Why I Love Playing Online Roulette

During the week after a long day at work, I like nothing more than sitting down on my laptop and playing some online roulette. I always make sure that I set myself a betting limit so I do not end up spending more than I can afford. This really is something that all gamblers must do. Below I will explain some reasons why I love playing roulette.

It is a Game That is Full of Excitement

Roulette has become such a popular casino table game due to how exciting it is. There is suspense with every single spin of the wheel. When the wheel is spinning, I often hold my breath until it has stopped, and I know whether I am a winner or not. Find me a more exciting casino game and I have found myself a liar.

It is Very Easy to Play

The fact that roulette is very easy to learn and play is another reason why it is so popular. There are no strict rules like in some of the other games that you will find at a casino. Furthermore, like I said, I play sometimes during the week when I get home from a hard day at work, so the last thing I want to do is play a game where I have to think a lot. I just want to relax a bit and hopefully win a bit of extra cash.

It is Not a Competitive Game

I am not really a competitive person, which is another reason why I am a big roulette fan. In other casino games, you have to beat the other players at the table or the dealer, but with roulette, you do not need to beat anyone. In fact, with roulette, everyone at the table can be a winner at the same time.

It is a Great Way to Pass the Time

When you get home from a long day at work, you just want to put your feet up, switch your brain off a bit, and relax. Many people do this by sitting on the sofa, switching the television on, and watching whatever rubbish they stumble across. But that is the issue for me – there is nothing but rubbish on the television nowadays. I cannot stand wasting my time watching the stuff that they call entertainment nowadays, which is why I like to pass time by playing roulette.